Shillong, Meghalaya, India, 2010

"For an evening respite, I often peer over the balcony railings. I gather that the street starts pulsating with life yet again. From that height, men from various walks of life returning from work seem reduced to minute mobile specks on a patchwork of pitch-black and dwindling green. The view of the irregular pattern of dots worming along, in some queer way comes as a reassurance. Indeed after all the hardships through the day, the city is reunited when men from myriad walks of life, set their feet on the same road during homecoming. At the fag end of the day, when the aforementioned mechanic proclaims the wrap-up of his day’s business I hear the signature droning for one last time but only this time, the tedium of its timbre is at sync with my languor. Before my vision starts to blur and sleep sets in, I find myself praying that the next colorful drapes would remain carefully parted to let sunlight luxuriantly stream in through the eastern window. I would wake up to a new day full of newer possibilities. My city life indeed comes full circle."

Literaria, 2012: English Academy Magazine, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

Chicago, IL, USA, 2016


  • Screenwriter and film-enthusiast; wrote and directed a short film "The Brethren" (2014).

  • Avid reader, writer, debater, and photographer; serving as the editor-in-chief of a social magazine, "The Peephole Journal" that tackles socioeconomic and political issues through articles, sketches, paintings, and photographs (2012 onwards).

  • "The Dark Secret" published in Missouri S&T annual magazine Southwinds.

  • Highly Influenced by the likes of Dylan, Denver, The Beatles, Scorpions; singer and songwriter

'Food break' December 2021

'Lost in woods' December 2021

'Onset of summer' April 2022

Certification Courses

  • Songwriting: Writing the Music (Berkeley School of Music)

  • Seeing through Photographs (The Museum of Modern Art)

  • Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis (University of California Davis)